Mas Cals de Fitor

In the heart of the Gavarres

At Fitor, near the old “ral” road, in the heart of the Gavarres, you will find the Mas Cals, an old house that will help you if you want to stop sleeping or eating. We offer you accommodation.

More than 1000 years of history in a unique place

Stay in a Mas dated in 948
and revive the story through the details that still remain.

Feed your body, heart and soul with real food on a shared table.
Because here, simplicity and quality are he same thing.

Enjoy the activities program of the Mas:
Nature and culture for passionate and restless spirits.

Where time stops and silence is luxury...


The Finca Fitor has been selected by the EU as an example of conservation
of the Community Natural Heritage  LandsCare

Member of:

Associació Monumenta de Propietaris de Castells i Edificis Catalogats de Catalunya

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